Green Motors Initiative

Idaho Power is a proud participant in the Green Motor Initiative (GMI). Under the GMI, motor service center personnel are trained and certified to repair and rewind motors to improve reliability and efficiency, known as a Green Rewind. Unlike standard rewinds, the Green Rewind process ensures that motors return to their original efficiency when the rewind is complete.


Idaho Power pays $2 per horsepower (hp) with $1 going to the customer in the form of a credit on the customer’s rewind invoice. The other $1 goes to the certified motor service center to help offset any added cost for each motor receiving a verified Green Rewind.

The certified motor service center processes all the required paperwork for the customer. Each motor receiving a Green Rewind is verified by a non-profit trade organization, Green Motors Practice Group.


The Green Rewind is available to Idaho Power’s agricultural, commercial and industrial customers. Motors between 15 and 5,000 hp are eligible.* Motors must be rewound in a certified GMI member service center that has the equipment and training to perform Green Rewind.

*Some motors may not qualify for a Green Rewind due to extenuating circumstances, such as a damaged stator or rotor.

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